Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Botanical name:  Melaleuca Alternifolia

Origin: Australia

Extraction Process: Steam distilled

Plant Part Used: Leaves & Twigs

Size: 10ml bottle


~ Fights bacteria, acts as a barrier against fungi and viruses
~ Aids the digestive system
~ Soothes wounds and helps to heal cuts, bruises, scrapes and bites
~ Improves immunity 
~Treats cold sores, blisters, chicken pox, shingles, thrush, herpes, warts and ringworm
~ Acts as a natural deodorant to eliminate the smell of body or foot odour



Diffuse: Add 4 - 5 drops to water inside of your diffuser or oil burner to allow the aroma to fill the room.

Apply Topically: Dilute with a carrier oil or combine with witch hazel to clean skin

Foot Bath: Add 10 drops to warm water....soak tired feet or athletes foot.


non toxic when used externally, before applying to skin be sure to blend with a carrier oil.