Frankincense Diluted Essential Oil

Frankincense Diluted Essential Oil

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Botanical name: Boswellia Carterii

Origin: Oman

Extraction Process: Steam distilled

Plant Part Used: Resin

Size: 10ml bottle

Dilution:  5% dilution in Grapeseed Oil


~ Revitalises skin, improves tone, can be used on wrinkles and fine lines as well as sun damage and blemishes
~ Reduces anxiety, enhances mood and assists in increasing focus and energy
~ Clear sinuses and eases a cough or bronchitis
~ Acts as an anti-inflammatory to ease muscle and joint aches and pains
~ Apply topically (in diluted form) to heal wounds



Diffuse: Add 4 - 5 drops to water inside of your diffuser to allow the aroma to fill the room.

Massage oil: Add several drops to a carrier oil and massage onto affected areas

Skin toner: Add several drops to a carrier oil to create a blend suitable for use on the skin


non toxic when used externally, before applying to skin be sure to blend with a carrier oil.